(Conclusion to Chapter 5)
20 For why should you, my son, be enraptured by an immoral woman, and be embraced in the arms of a seductress?”  
If you read yesterday’s post, you will notice this verse is finishing an argument for faithfulness. Instead of being intoxicated (enraptured) by an immoral woman, we are to reserve that desire for our wives. Love-making is a powerful experience, and Solomon says it is far better to share it with your one spouse then with a woman outside the marriage. It just is not godly to allow oneself to be embraced by a seductress.

21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He ponders all his paths. 22 His own iniquities entrap the wicked man, and he is caught in the cords of his sin. 23 He shall die for lack of instruction, and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.”
Here at the end of a chapter that has probably been hard to read about, we have a conclusion to this issue. We have seen total ruin promised for those who commit adultery, and in verse 21 we see a great reason for us all to be faithful. God Himself sees our decisions and way in life and ponders it all! He doesn’t miss anything, the thought-adultery through porn, the gradual compromise with a woman at work, and the act itself. He weighs it all and it offends Him a lot. He cares more about faithfulness than we do.
The phrase, “Your sins will find you out,” is similar to what is being said in 22 and 23. If a man sins and doesn’t repent and ask God for help, he will gradually sin more and more, and trap himself in the pit of his own guilt. He will be tied down with all his sinful glances, “late nights”, and messages. He can’t get out, but for God, who knows his path and can save him.
This chapter reinforces the importance of having good instruction and keeping to it. Keep your Father in Heaven’s teaching, and you will be spared from the destructive sin of adultery. The other option is to be led astray in great folly. Amen.

Pondering: If adultery is such a big topic in Proverbs, surely marriage itself needs to be considered carefully. We see in Genesis 1 and 2 the ideals God had for marriage. If God has made marriage to be that way, and saves us through Jesus to be sons of God, why wouldn’t He redeem our relationships too?

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